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D.Frolov, S.Bagdonas, R.Rotomskis
Laser Research Centre, Vilnius University, Sauletekio 9, 2040 Vilnius Lithuania

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Institute of Physics, A. Gostauto 12, 2600 Vilnius, Lithuania



The characteristics of optical excitation relaxation in J-aggregates of meso-tetra(4-sulfonathophenyl)porphine (TPPS4) were detected by means of time-resolved spectroscopy. The kinetics of excitation relaxation in J-aggregates of TPPS4 can be described by the model of singlet-singlet excitonic annihilation in molecular structure. On the basis of experimental data is shown that J-aggregates of TPPS4 exist as one-dimensional structure. The diffusion coefficient and exciton transition time were determined and minimal size of the single domain of J-aggregate of TPPS4 was evaluated.

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