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General introduction

Meso-tetra(4-sulphonatophenyl)porphine (TPPS4) is a dye, which optical properties significantly depends on its local concentration, medium pH and other enviromental conditions. In acid media TPPS4 tends to form the J-aggregates possessing characteristic absorption band of excitonic origin at 490 nm.


TPPS4 was studied and applied as a potential photosensitizer in the photosensitized tumour therapy trials. Due to distinct spectroscopic properties J-aggregates could found the practical applications in photographic industry and for information storage.
The conversion of various species of TPPS4 in different media and changes in their spectroscopic properties were studied in present work. The formation conditions for J-aggregates were determined and a spatial structure of the aggregates was proposed.
Various methods were applied in this study, such as a steady and excited state absorption, fluorescence spectroscopy, excited state relaxation kinetics measurements, X ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy.