XVIII IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry
Virtual Photochemistry Poster Session
July 22-27, 2000


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Binding of a fluorescent coumarin derivative to b-cyclodextrin: a spectroscopic approach.  
Régine Dondon and Suzanne Fery-Forgues

Fluorescence emission studies of an azlactone derivative in polymer films; an optical sensor in pH measurements.  
Canan Karapire
, Sıddık İçli, Serap Alp, Kadriye Ertekin, Berrin Yenigül and Emür Henden

Photophysical and photochemical properties of a water soluble perylene diimide derivative (PREPRINT as adobe pdf file)
Siddik Icla, Serafettin Demic, Bircan Dindar, Andrey O Doroshenko, Celil Timur

Light, Hydrogen and Green Alga
R. Wünschiers and R. Schulz

Effect of supercollisions on energy transfer in Mixtures of bath gases and laser excited complex Molecules.
G. A. Zalesskaya, D. L. Yakovlev, E. G. Sambor, D. I. Baranovsky

Photoınduced energy-electron transfer studıes wıth naphthalene dıımıdes ın solutıon and ın polymer fılms  
Sıddık İçl
, Serap Alp, Andrey O. Doroshenko, Canan Karapire, Sule. Ertan, and Banu Köz

Picosecond anisotropy of the transient absorption of the photochromic mercury dithizone complex in solution  
Barbara PACI and Jean-Michel NUNZI,, Nadejda SERTOVA and Ivan PETKOV

Molecular Pathways of Electron Transfer.  Tunnelling Effect and Van der Waals Contacts in the Cytochrome f-Plastocyanin Complex
M. Fragata

Fluorescence emission studies on photodegradation of phenol under direct and concentrated sunlight
Bircan Dindar and Sıddık Içli

Can a mixed damage interfere with DNA-protein cross-links repair?
Christine Marzano, Emilia Severin and Franco Bordin

Phototransformation of organic dyes under powerful laser excitation.
R. Kuznetsova*, E. Breusova, Svetlichnyi V.

Photoproduction of rose oxide under concentrated sun light via superoxide anion radical
Haluk Dinçalp and Sıddık Içli

Photophysical propeties of furocoumarins
N.E. Kovalskaya, I.V. Sokolova

The aqueous photochemistry of phenols
O.Tchaikovskaya, I.Sokolova, N.Sultimova, T.Sokolova

Diastereoselective photosensitized radical addition to fumaric acid derivatives bearing oxazolidine auxiliary groups
Gigliola Campari, Raffaella Mosca, Maurizio Fagnoni, Mariella Mella, Angelo Albini

Self-assembly of large-scale aggregates of porphyrin from its dimers and their absorption and luminescence properties
Alexander V. Udal’tsov, Lev A. Kazarin, Alexei A. Sweshnikov

Spectroscopy and photoprocesses of 4-methyl-umbellifeone and its ionic forms
Vasil'eva Nina Yu., and Shadrinsteva Oksana G.

 High fluorescence emissions of some natural benzofurane derivatives isolated from Styrax officinalis
Serap Alp, Sıddık Içli,, Andrey O. Doroshenko, Hüseyin Anıl, Bircan Dindar,
Özgen Alankus-Çaliskan and Yurdanur Yayla

LSER and TLSER analysis of solvent effect on the sensitized photooxygenation of lidocaine.
A. L. Zanocco,* E. Lemp M., N. Pizarro U., J. R. de la Fuente and G. Günther S.

Ultrafast Intramolecular Electronic Excitation Energy Transfer in Rigidly Bridged Systems
K.P.Ghiggino, T.A.Smith, N.Lokan & M.N.Paddon-Row

Photoreactivity of Ochratoxin A and its analogues. 
Y.V.Il'ichev, T.Ye, R.A.Manderville, J.D.Simon

 Porphyrin sensitizers for biomedical applications
Rodica -Mariana ION

Oscillations of photon emission accompanying the oxidative process in aqueous solutions of glycin with ribose or glucose
V.V. Koldunov, D.S. Kononov, and V.L.Voeikov

Charge Transfer at Nanocrystalline Metal Oxide Semiconductor/Solution Interfaces Studied by Photoacoustic Spectroscopy  
Svetlana Leytner and Joseph T. Hupp

Probing Stereospecific Interaction with DNA : The Synthetic Strategies to obtain New Optically Pure Ru(II) Complexes
Frédéric Pierard*, Carole Bresson*, Martine Demeunynck, Jean Lhomme and Andrée Kirsch-De Mesmaeker*

The In Vitro Photochemistry of Urocanic Acid
Nicole Haralampus-Grynaviski, Carla Ransom, Kerry Hanson, John D. Simon

Photophysical Properties of Porphyrin-Calixarene and Porphyrin-Cyclodextrin Conjugates 
Kamil Lang
a, Pavel Kubátb, Jiří Mosingera,c Vladimír Králd, Pavel Lhotákd, and Dana M. Wagnerováa

Ruthenium(II)-tris-bipyridine- and Titanium Dioxide-Co-doped Zeolites: The Role of Titanium Dioxide-Nanoparticles in Electron Transfer Photocatalysis
Stefan H. Bossmann, Claudia Turro, Claudia Schnabel, Megh Raj Pokhrel, Katharine Janik, Michael Wörner

Photochemical Synthesis of Polymer Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solutions Using Poly-N-Isopropyl-Acrylamide as a Template
Pokhrel, M. R., Janik, K., Bossmann, S. H.

Photochemical effects in the UV laser cleaning of molecular substrates Implications for the laser cleaning of painted artworks
Demetrios Anglos, Savas Georgiou1 and Costas Fotakis

DNA in dormant Bacillus subtilis spores exposed to solar radiation accumulates strand breaks and cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers in addition to spore photoproduct
Tony A. Slieman and Wayne L. Nicholson

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