Pulse-Probe Techniques
Pulsed-Laser Photoacoustics

 From sample holders to complete systems, Quantum Northwest delivers hardware and software for superior spectroscopic measurements.

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Brief Product Summary
     FLASH 100: Cuvette Holder for Laser Excitation - The FLASH 100 is a temperature-controlled cuvette holder for pulse-probe or other laser-based optical experiments. An optional transducer mount is available for pulsed-laser photoacoustics.

TASC 400: Photoacoustics Sample Holder - The TASC 400 is a temperature-controlled sample holder for pulsed-laser photoacoustics, with a versatile design that permits the insertion of a variety of cell types, such as a cuvette holder, a front faced cell and an evanescent wave cell.

TLC 50: Temperature-Controlled Fluorescence Cell Holder The TLC 50 is a temperature-controlled cuvette holder with magnetic stirring and four open windows for fluorescence measurements. It may be used in a number of different commercial instruments.

 QNW 3000: Complete Pulsed Photoacoustics System - The QNW 3000 provides the sample holder, optics, energy probes, digitizing oscilloscope, computer, data acquistion software and deconvolution software into a complete photoacoustics instrument with everything but the laser.

 FLASC 1000 Custom Time-Resolved Fluorometer - We build specialized fluorescence instrumentation. A recently completed instrument has three optical channels for simultaneously measurement of fluorescence decays for v, h and magic angle.

 Sound Analysis: Analysis of Photoacoustic Waveforms - The Sound Analysis program performs a nonlinear least squares analysis of photoacoustic waveforms using the Marquardt algorithm.