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Can photodynamic dose be predicted on sensitizer’s photophysical parameters?

G.Streckyte, D.Frolov, S.Bagdonas, P.Juzenas and R.Rotomskis

Vilnius University 
Laser Research Center
Sauletekio al. 9, C. III
2040 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: (370 2) 76 94 77
Fax: (370 2) 77 56 23

ABSTRACT The traditional dosimetric approach, measuring each dose factor independently, may be contrasted with the recent trend to use photosensitizer photobleaching as an index of the effective delivered dose. The advantages and limitations of photophysical parameters for the evaluation of effective dose are discussed. The need to understand a degree to which the interaction of sensitizer with biological environment as well as pH value of the surrounding is linked to the phototransformation process of photosensitizer is analyzed. Possible changes in photobleaching rate of the sensitizer dependently on its location sites and pH value of the surrounding are discussed. Finally, the influence of the red-absorbing photoproduct formation on the dosimetry is considered. CONTENT

Introduction Materials and Methods Results and Discussion Conclusions References